Morocco, as known worldwide, is a country of diversified cultures. Choosing Morocco as a destination for your holidays will allow you to explore and experience things you have never experienced. During your stay in Morocco, you will need a tour agency to help you enjoy your stay to the maximum. We, Morocco Safe Tours as one of those tour agencies, are organizing daily trips, Tours and excursions.

Traveling around Morocco with us will give you an unforgettable experience and help you to explore the most beautiful places in Morocco. Morocco Safe Tours is committed to offering satisfactory and high quality services. Some of the services we have on offer are Morocco Camel Tours, Family Holidays’ Tours, Marrakesh Desert Tours and desert tours from other cities such as Tangier, Fez and Casablanca. Besides, the private group tours are always available.

“Morocco Safe Tours” is a small local tour agency based in Marrakech, which the destination of a great number of tourists who visit Morocco every day. Our aim in this agency is to help our visitors explore the most attractive areas in the country, as well as, the different cultures and lifestyles in a unique way full of enjoyment, surprises and adventures. We invite to explore and learn about our cultures, history and lifestyle which is full of activity.

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